Your arrival in the accident and emergency ward

Go directly to the Accident and Emergency ward and explain the problem to a nurse. The injured person will be taken in charge for medical care. Most doctors and nurses speak English, so they will do their best to give you all the information you may need. Fill out the form given by the nurse and supply all the papers requested :

    Medical Insurance Eurepean
    Travel and Private Insurance Policy

If you need help for translation you can ask for an interpreter working at the reception desk (in the Main Entrance of the Hospital). English, German, and Spanish are spoken.

For persons under 18

If your child has to stay in the hospital for an operation, a. surgeon will ask you to sign a consent form.

Drinks and newspapers

If you wish to buy drinks or newspapers, you can do so in the shop situated near the reception desk.

When your are hospilazed

For meals

Unless indicated otherwise, you are allowed to choose between different menus. If you are on a special diet, a dietician will watch over it and make sure that your medical prescription is respected. Meals will be served in your bedroom at the following hours :

  • Breakfast at 07.30 am

  • Lunch at 12.30 pm

  • Diner at 07.00 pm

If you are accompanying a patient

You can have your lunch and diner in the hospital. Opening Hours of the restaurant : From Monday to Friday, from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm. The restaurant is situated on the ground floor. Before going to the restaurant, you have to buy a luncheon voucher at the reception desk. For diner and during week ends : You can have your diner in the dining room of each ward.

If you are accompanying a child

You have a possibility of spending a night with him. Parents who wish to stay for the night, have to buy vouchers for all the meals they wish to take. Breakfast will be served on the third floor from 7.30 am to 8.30 am on presentation of a voucher. Meal vouchers sold at the réception desk.

The bedroom

All bedrooms are fitted with one or two beds and a private bathroom with toilets. Each bed is equipped with an alarm system connected to a nursing room.


To insure better quality of medical care we would appreciate if you could avoid visiting during morning hours. Attention! Children under the age of 6 are not always admitted. Ask the nursing staff for autorisation. Please try not to disturb the ward and your neighbours with too many visits.Ask your visitors to respect the silence and not to smoke.

The Telephon

You can call from your bedroom and receive calls. This service is not free of charge. To rent a line you have to contact the shop situated near the reception desk (or call number 8529).

The instructions

To receive calls :
Give your telephone number to your caller: 02 51 21 + your Extension number to it (if you are calling abroad add the country code).

To call :
1. pick up the phone
2. dial 0
3. dial your Extension number (4 numbers)
4. dial the complete number

The television

Television is not free of charge. If you whish watch the chanels, please call number 8529 or use the phone service (number 8080). In double bedrooms there is only one remote controler. If you wish another one ask the nursery staff for it.


You can receive and send your mail every day in the hospital.To avoid any long delays we would appreciate if you could ask your mailer to indicate your name and the ward you are on the letter. If you wish to send a letter, there is one mailbox in the main entrance. If you can not get up, give it to somebody from the nursing staff and your letter will be sent the same day.

During your stay and before leaving

Make sure that you have handed over all the documents needed: E111 form, Insurance policy. We also remind you that E111 form (for European citizens) covers 80% of your hospitalisation expenses. The remaining 20% is at your charge unless you ask your insurance company to send its consent by fax. The Entrance Office needs this consent which covers the remaining 20% as well as the daily set price of about 14 € per day of hospitalisation. If you need any further informations, you can get them from the reception desk. Entrance Office fax number: (France code) 02 51 21 85 60 (specify on the fax that it is for the Entrance Office).